Ultimaker: Kickstart Your 3D Printing Journey

3D printing has changed the way organisations build and design products and has become the recognised norm in many businesses due to its flexibility and innovative capabilities. This transformative tech can reduce costs, improve products and product storage, make supply chains more efficient, shorten lead times and increase resource efficiency. 3D printing is the future of product development and will continue to help transform the manufacturing, automotive, design, engineering and healthcare industries alike. 

Ultimaker – a well-known 3D printing technology developer – is motivated by their passion to deliver a 3D printing system that facilitates the world's transition to local manufacturing and digital distribution and drives business success globally. Founded in 2011, the Dutch company is dedicated to making 3D printers, software, materials, and services that are versatile and user-friendly for both a consumer and maker audience. Since coming onto the scene they’ve retained a leading position in the incredibly competitive Maker industry and have been recognised as one of the most successful open-source software providers in their field. 

While their printers were originally only available in kit form, their series of printers has since transformed from a build-it-yourself machine to a ready-made, reliable piece of kit, which are shipped and used by a diverse international audience. Ultimaker now also holds a high reputation for fast 3D printing in relation to high-quality print resolution, with professionals from sectors including healthcare, education, fashion and engineering relying on the desktop 3D printer to aid the production of prototypes and end-products. 

Ultimaker offers an extensive portfolio of hardware, software and community support products across the brand and continues to create innovative ways for makers to 3D print. They also offer a free, open-source software option called Cura that allows you to prepare any model for 3D Printing. If you’re a beginner, it’ll do everything, whereas experts can opt to play around with advanced settings.

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Creality Creality CR-10 Max | Low Cost FDM 3D Printer Assembly Required
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